You can make healthy food choices.

If you sometimes think:

“I should be eating healthier.”

“I should really cut back on sugar.”

“I know processed food isn’t great for me, but how can I easily replace it?”

“I want to give my body what it needs, but am not sure where to start.”

Then this is for YOU!

Join me for a one-hour menu makeover. In this hour we will cover:

1. Your food frustrations and concerns

2. Why digestive system health is the key to physical and mental health

Hint: As we learn more about the human body, the digestive system is being called the second brain.

3. What a whole foods menu looks like and its benefits

4. Simple and delicious changes (foods to ditch and foods to switch) for optimal health

5. Actionable strategies for easy, lasting change and a thriving body to begin TODAY

Based on our conversation, I will personalize a 7-day meal plan with recipes and shopping lists, delivered to you via email.

Visit the Menu Makeover page to book an appointment. Partner with me for exciting change!

I became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist after a battle with breast cancer. I wanted to better understand the role nutrition plays in disease prevention. I’ve learned that our bodies have an AMAZING ability to self-repair and prevent disease when they’re given the proper nutritional building blocks. This is exciting, wonderful news!

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